New RG35 Reconnaissance Patrol and Utility Vehicle


As the Canadian military moves closer to rolling out an entirely new fleet of Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicles under its TAPV program, BAE Systems and several Canadian teaming partners are confident that their offering will fulfill the requirements. The purpose built RG35 RPU vehicle delivers the crucial balance between firepower, proven survivability and tactical mobility Canadian troops currently need and will require in the future.

Well-suited to fulfill a wide range of roles, the TAPV, which replaces the RG31 and Coyote recce, will be utilized by Canadian forces both on the battlefield in a reconnaissance role, and domestically as a general utility vehicle.

BAE Systems’ RG35 RPU is a modern, yet ruggedly dependable tactical 4X4 wheeled vehicle that is truly purpose built for multiple missions. Not only can the company’s TAPV reconnaissance variant be equipped with light and medium turrets, as well as direct and indirect-fire weapons, it can power its way through the toughest terrain, taking troops to wherever the fight is. The vehicle can easily be modified a number of ways to transport cargo, conduct routine patrols, or be outfitted with cameras and other electronics for surveillance missions.
“No matter the mission, ensuring that troops make it to and from their home base safely is paramount,” said Chris Chambers, Vice President and General Manager of BAE Systems’ Tactical Wheeled Vehicles’ business. “With the RG35 RPU, we’ve developed a unique armour protected capsule, integrating decades of expertise and experience that we call the ‘crew citadel.’ It is designed to shield troops inside the vehicle from mine blasts, road side bombs and gunfire while ensuring they can fulfill their missions effectively.”

The company is currently preparing its formal proposal in response to the TAPV RFP which will be delivered with the proven hardware. As it moves forward, the TAPV team has coined the tagline “mission complete” to succinctly and simply describe the RG35 RPU’s value proposition.
“What’s mission complete? It’s delivering true value to the customer, throughout its life; providing troops with enhanced crew protection; delivering the tactical mobility required across extreme terrain and multiple missions and built and supported in Canada, for Canada. That’s mission complete, and that’s the RG35 RPU,” added Chambers.

Along with the leading edge RG35 RPU solution, BAE Systems will be offering a comprehensive in-service support solution allowing the Canadian Forces to maximise availability of their TAPV throughout its life. Through partnerships with Canadian companies, resulting in transfer of technology, the Canadian industry across all regions will maintain high quality jobs and provide the Army with effective and efficient support.

The RG35 RPU is a 4X4 mine protected multi-mission tactical wheeled vehicle. It measures approximately 5.2 meters in length, 2.6 meters in width and 2.5 meters in height, with a ground clearance of 414 millimeters. The RG35 RGU’s gross vehicle mass is 21,000kg and seats driver plus 9 crew members.

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