New mortars for Algeria


The Algerian military has taken into service W86 120 mm mortar systems. This was revealed during an inspection by the Army’s Chief of Staff Ahmed Gaid Saleh, who also viewed various other weapons in service with the Algerian military.

Saleh visited the Central Logistics Base in Blida on 30 April where he inspected a variety of new equipment, including the Norinco W86 mortar mounted on a Mercedes G-Class vehicle. It is deployed via a retractable hydraulic system mounted on the back of the vehicle, which can carry 40 rounds of ammunition. An inertial navigation system, GPS and satellite communications are used for targeting.

Algeria has two Norinco artillery systems in service: the 155 mm PLZ45 self-propelled howitzer and SR5 multiple rocket launcher system (MRLS).

Saleh on 30 April also viewed refurbished Panhard AML armoured cars, which were locally overhauled by ERMA. Dozens of these have been fitted with electrically operated turrets with a 14.5 mm machinegun and night vision cameras. Another version is fitted with four AT5 (9M113) Konkurs or Kornet missiles with reloads. Both models have been upgraded with improved armour, engines and air conditioning.

Upgrading of the Panhard vehicles began in 2012 with service entry from 2014. They are used by the Republican Guard, Gendarmerie and for desert warfare.

Other weapons and equipment on display included D-30 122 mm howitzers and MT12 100 mm anti-tank guns mounted on Zetros vehicles, and Land Cruisers, Land Rovers, Unimogs and G-Class vehicles fitted with 12.7 mm, 14.5 mm and 23 mm guns.