New armoured vehicles unveiled at Edex


The first edition of the Egypt Defence Exhibition (Edex) in Cairo has seen the launch of several new armoured vehicles as Egypt showcases its domestic manufacturing capabilities.

Edex was held between 3 and 5 December in New Cairo and attracted some 300 exhibitors from over 40 countries. One of these was International Marathon United Technology Group (IMUT), which for the first time showcased its ST-100 and ST-500 armoured vehicles.

The 4×4 ST-500 has armour protection up to CEN Level SR6/SR7 and is available in several variants, including ambulance and fire support. According to Army Recognition, the ST-500 is 5.65 metres long, is 2.4 metres wide and 3.15 metres high. It weighs 8 000 kg and can carry 2 500 kg of payload. Standard configuration provides accommodation for a driver, commander and five passengers. The ambulance version can carry three crew and two stretcher patients.

Optional extras include rocket launchers, mortars remotely controlled weapon stations, smoke grenade launchers and cameras. Power plant on the ST-500 is a Cummins QSB 6.7 litre diesel developing 275 hp and giving a top speed of 120-135 km/h.

The 4×4 ST-100 is available in many different variants, including command and control, ambulance, patrol, 81 mm mortar, anti-tank (with six missiles), explosive ordnance disposal, communications and 107 mm rocket launcher. Optional extras include a soft kill active protection system, sniper detection system, battle management system and remote weapon station.

Standard seating for the ST-100 is driver, commander and three crewmembers in the patrol version and eight in the attack and intervention version. The vehicle has a double cab pickup layout, with four side doors and a rear door, although it does come with two side doors as well in the armoured personnel carrier version. Power plant is a Cummins ILS 8.9 litre diesel engine developing 450 hp and giving a top speed of 100-115 km/h and range of 700 km.

Additional armour can be fitted to give ballistic protection up to Stanag Level 4 (14.5 mm projectiles). Blast protection provides for 10 kg of TNT under the hull, 10 kg under a wheel and 50 kg at a side distance of 50 metres.

Development of the ST-100 and ST-500 began three years ago in collaboration with Egypt’s Ministry of Military Production. According to IMUT, the company specialises in the design and integration of vehicle systems and is based in New Cairo, Egypt, but falls under a South African parent company. It will expand into the civil sector with heavy duty loaders and cranes, amongst others.

Elsewhere on the land systems front, Streit Group brought its Cougar and Falcon armoured vehicles to Edex. The Falcon is a new 4×4 vehicle, having been launched at the Africa Aerospace and Defence exhibition in September.

Seen for the first time at Edex was a new version of the Egyptian M-46-1M 130 mm self-propelled howitzer. Originally unveiled in 2016, the latest version is based on a Kraz 6×6 truck with an armoured cab. The system weights 23 tons and can fire 5-6 rounds per minute to a range of 27 km. Also on display was an Egyptian self-propelled artillery system mounting a D-30 122 mm howitzer on a Ural 6×6 truck.

Egypt is producing greater volumes of military equipment locally, from armoured vehicles to vessels. One of the items on show at Edex was the locally made Fateh 2 trailer-mounted mine-clearance system that uses a rocket to launch an explosive charge to clear minefields.

Egypt’s flagship locally produced armoured vehicle is the Temsah (crocodile), which is available in a wide array of variants including a 6×6 personnel carrier, 4×4 troop transport etc. Its V-hull gives landmine protection while the hull is protected against 7.62 mm armour piercing rounds and shell splinters. It is built by the Kader Factory for Developed Industries and was first unveiled in 2016.