Morocco apparently operating Chinese multiple rocket launchers


Morocco’s military has apparently taken delivery of a number of WS-2D multiple rocket launchers from China.

Moroccan media report that four batteries recently entered service with the Moroccan Army. The WS-2D has a range of 400 km and can carry a 200 kg warhead. Up to six rockets can be launched from a single launcher.

A battery typically comprises a command and control station and six launchers. Range is apparently 200-300 km for earlier models, while the WS-2D has a range of 400 km and can launch unmanned aerial vehicles. Accuracy is apparently 600 metres with inertial navigation system (INS) guidance although GPS guidance is optional.

The launchers are mounted on Taian TAS5450 8×8 trucks powered by a Deutz turbodiesel.

The WS-2 was unveiled in 2004 and is manufactured by China National Precision Machinery Corporation (CPMIEC).

The introduction of the WS-2D comes after Morocco in December 2017 apparently inducted into service the Sky Dragon 50 surface-to-air missile system from China.

The Sky Dragon 50, manufactured by Norinco, consists of up to six mobile launchers, a fire distribution vehicle, and an IBIS150 or IBS200 target acquisition radar. The missile has its own active radar seeker and a maximum range and altitude of 50 and 20 km respectively, according to Norinco.