Milkor UAE unveils automatic grenade launcher at IDEX 2021


Milkor UAE has officially unveiled its automatic grenade launcher (AGL) at IDEX 2021, alongside other products like a new unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV).

Milkor UAE said the AGL is designed to be used as a medium to long range suppressive fire weapon with a maximum range of 2 200 metres.

The belt-fed fully automatic Milkor AGL is the latest addition to the company’s range of 40 mm weapons systems. It has a cyclic rate of fire of 400–500 rounds per minute (rpm) and a sustained rate of 40–60 rpm. It makes use of a variant of 40×53 mm grenade ammunition.

It can easily be mounted on a recoil mitigating cradle for remote turret operation. Much like Milkor’s SuperSix multiple grenade launcher (MGL), Milkor UAE is ensuring that the weapon qualifies with multiple ammunitions available from manufacturers during development to guarantee complete compatibility.

“The Milkor 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher is a robust and technological advanced heavy weapons system designed and developed to be easy deployable in any operation. The AGL can be equipped with advanced fire control systems allowing greater accuracy and allowing for airburst munitions capability,” company literature states. “The AGL has a unique feeding system that allows for a greater amount of ammunition to be used before replacing an ammunition belt.”

The new AGL joins Milkor Group’s range of grenade launchers that includes the 40 mm SuperSix, single shot Stopper Convertible, UBGL (under-barrel grenade launcher), Mk 1S/L less lethal weapon and MAR 37, 38 and 40 mm anti-riot weapon.

The grenade launcher was unveiled at IDEX along with Milkor UAE and the division’s UCAV. The 18 metre wingspan aircraft was fitted with Desert Sting guided munitions from the United Arab Emirates’ Halcon.