MILKOR: The market leader in 40mm Grenade Launchers improving and expanding on their capabilities


South African based defence company, MILKOR, has recently celebrated opening new offices in New Delhi, India, as part of their global strategy and attesting to the company’s strong growth and global footprint. The company already supplies systems to more than 67 countries worldwide.

MILKOR has developed a wide range of products from its renowned grenade launchers, the SuperSix MRGL, Mk 1S/L, Multiple Stopper Convertible, Multiple Anti-Riot Grenade Launcher and Under-barrel Grenade Launcher to APC vehicles, UAVs, Naval Systems and Cyber offerings. The company is currently working on many more offerings to come. MILKOR meets and exceeds the needs of defence forces in less lethal, low and medium velocity situations, with their SuperSix Grenade Launcher covering the full range of capabilities.

The company is always innovating and improving its products through the skill and knowledge of its Research and Development team. The market leader in 40mm manufacturing is expanding on their weapon system offerings. They have recently improved on their flagship Grenade Launcher, the SuperSix, with multiple innovative changes but always in keeping with the quality and durability you have come to expect from any MILKOR product. Further improvements have also been made to the company’s ant-riot Grenade Launchers. More innovation and expansion are being brought throughout their 40mm weapon system range. These new editions will be showcased at the upcoming DSA show in Malaysia and the AAD show in South Africa.

Furthermore, MILKOR is also improving on its APC, offering left-hand drive variants and bringing in progressive thinking adding unmanned capability and making use of an advanced explosion suppressant system.

More forward thinking and improvements are being applied to MILKOR’s other products and services, but always in keeping with customer needs and requests. This approach to constantly improve is what sets MILKOR apart and ensures the company is always at the forefront of developments and product offerings.

MILKOR will be attending IADE, taking place in the heart of the Gulf of Gabes in Djerba. IADE Tunisia which will provide diverse opportunities to meet international key players in the aerospace and defence industry, helping to build new partnerships and expand networks.

MILKOR has a comprehensive range of capabilities and services and will be showcasing their capabilities in Air, Land, Sea and Cyber. MILKOR will have their world-renowned Grenade launchers, of which they are the original manufacturer, on display alongside their models of their APC vehicles and Marine Vessel.

MILKOR is looking forward to attending the first ever IADE show and looking forward to be part of IADE in the future.