Metal Storm Achieves Endurance Firing Success

Defence technology specialist Metal Storm Limited says it has successfully completed a 200 shot endurance firing test of its 40mm STORM40 ammunition using its 3GL grenade launcher.
The test follows the successful shoulder firing of the 3GL weapon in February this year and is a significant step forward for the company in ascertaining the veracity of the rounds for use in a combat environment.

Metal Storm Chief Engineer David Pashen says the results of the test were very pleasing both for the ammunition and weapon.
“We used a single 3GL that was not cleaned throughout the test,” he said. “It is a testament to the design, durability and integrity of both the ammunition and weapon that the rounds maintained a constant velocity for 200 firings without any adverse effects.
“This illustrates the reliability of the 40mm STORM40 and 3GL as practical tools for operational conditions where there may not be time to clean a weapon between engagements.”

The successful firing is a significant step for the company and represents testing to an accepted military standard.

Pashen said he was confident Metal Storm could now build on the results and complete the full qualification of the ammunition.
“Firing 200 rounds in stacks of three demonstrates that this system has reached levels of maturity and reliability that had not been previously demonstrated by the company,” he added.

Metal Storm CEO Lee Finniear said the 3GL provides a unique competitive advantage for the company, being the only 40mm launcher which is light and compact enough to attach as an accessory to an assault rifle, while also providing a three-shot, semi-automatic firing capability.

Finniear said the 3GL held many advantages over single-shot weapons systems.
“The most obvious advantage is how the 3GL can be used in the opening seconds of a combat engagement,” he said.
“In these critical first few seconds a squad equipped with 3GLs can unleash three times the number of 40mm grenades on the enemy. Whether in a planned attack, or in response to an ambush by the enemy, this firepower can be the decisive element in winning the firefight and saving our soldiers’ lives.”

He said Metal Storm is aiming for production of the 3GL in 2010.