MBDA talks future missiles


EADS missile business unit MBDA is showing off its view of the future of infantry precision guided munitions at this years’ Farnborough Airshow, currently underway in southern England. The new munition is an outflow of the company’s “Concept Visions” initiative to develop innovative system concepts to shape the future defence market in key domains for 2030 and beyond.

The CVS101 system concept is designed as an infantry fire support weapon system that can provide a light-weight but heavy “punch” at long range at lower levels than the current within a force structure. “It is designed to meet urban challenges with greater freedom to engage opportunity targets and its flexibility, ready availability and responsiveness would deliver precision fire support against a wide range of military and peace keeping roles,” MBDA says in a media statement.
“Unlike current weapons, the CVS101 system would be capable of dealing with threats that are intermingled with friendly forces or civilian populations by being able to abide by strict rules of engagement and collateral restraints,” it avers. “This operational edge would be provided via its highly accurate and precise targeting sensors, and aiming capability together with a contemporary, easy to use fire control system that ensures man-in-the-loop decision making at all times.
“Importantly, its light weight is designed to help reduce the equipment burden on the dismounted soldier. Uniquely, the CVS101 would be capable of extreme Non-Line Of Sight targeting opportunities in complex urban environments thanks to its net-centric integration capability when used alongside sensors in the tactical information network.”

No firm details were provided in the media release.