MBDA Germany prepares way for C-RAM Laser Weapon System


MBDA Germany says it has conducted several successful tests with a laser demonstrator, paving the way to a counter rocket, artillery, mortar (C-RAM) laser weapon system.

The company in a statement adds the ability to direct 10 kW laser power over a long distance and reach a target with a high quality beam is a decisive forward step. “For the first time, 10kW laser power reached a moving target located more than two kilometres away while retaining a high quality beam. The tracking of dynamic objects and the effects on the object were demonstrated over a distance of more than 2300m and an altitude differential of 1000m under real-life environmental conditions.
“These results are of major significance. The successful combating of RAM munitions is of major importance for the protection of soldiers in the field. However, this also represents several technical challenges. Defence against RAM munitions is only possible to a limited extent with current cannon systems or missiles. These difficulties arise from the high speed of artillery munitions, the small signatures of mortar munitions, the required combat distance in excess of 1000m and the necessary combat velocity. In this respect, laser weapons are exceptionally well suited for use against RAM munitions.
“However, since countermeasures against RAM must be carried out within a few seconds, it is necessary to achieve high laser power and a high quality laser beam against a fast moving target at distances of between 1000m and 3000m. This is the only way to guarantee the protection of a field camp using such a laser weapon.

MBDA Germany leads an European consortium that has been developing the major aspects of the system in a study being conducted on behalf of the European Defence Agency (EDA) since 2009.