Malaysia fires Ingwe missiles


The Malaysian Army has carried out live firings of its newly acquired Denel Dynamics Ingwe anti-tank missiles, from its AFV30 Gempita armoured vehicles.

Two Gempitas took part in the firings on 8 March, according to Malaysia’s BTDM Online. They were also joined by other variants of the vehicle, including the IFV25 and RWS.

The AV8 Gempita (Thunder) series is produced by Malaysia’s DefTech and based on the Turkish FNSS Pars. A dozen different variants are being produced for the Malaysian Army. This includes the IFV25 variant fitted with an FNSS Sharpshooter turret with a 25 mm ATK M242 cannon and FN MAG 7.62 mm machinegun. The AFV30 variant features the Denel Land Systems LCT-30 turret with GI30 30 mm cannon and FN MAG machinegun while the AFV30 ATGM variant has the LCT-30 turret with two Ingwe missiles.

Of the 257 AV8 vehicles on order, 46 will be in IFV25 configuration, 69 will be in AFV30 configuration and 54 will be anti-tank variants. The Malaysian order includes the supply of 216 laser-guided Ingwe missiles.

The first 12 IFV25 versions were delivered in December 2014. It appears the anti-tank versions were delivered from late 2016 but deliveries have been delayed due to financial issues in Malaysia – last year Denel said the Malaysia contract was extended by two years to nine years due to Malaysia’s economic situation. Apparently Ingwe deliveries took place in early 2017, which was later than expected.

Denel’s most recent annual report, for the 2016/17 financial year, states that during the year under review Denel “achieved major milestones with [the] AV8 programme with delivery to the client of LCT30 light combat turrets, anti-tank guided weapon turrets (ATGW) and remote controlled weapon station turret (RCWS) systems.” By mid-2017, more than 50 turrets had been delivered to Malaysia.

Denel in 2011 was awarded the contract from Malaysia to develop, manufacture, supply, deliver and commission turrets for the AV8 8×8 armoured fighting vehicles. In 2016/17, the company said major milestones that had been reached on the AV8 turret system include the completion of the LCT30 product baseline and the assembly of 30 LCT30 systems, five ATGW systems and the integration of 30 remote-control weapon station systems.

The base value of the Malaysian contract is R3.7 billion and revenue of R953 million was recognised during the 2016/17 financial year, down from R1.193 billion in 2014/15.