LMT delivering series of new armoured vehicles to the Middle East


LMT (Land Mobility Technologies) is in the process of delivering several types of new armoured vehicles to a Middle Eastern customer, which had the vehicles designed specifically to meet its requirements.

The company in 2013 received a major order from the Middle Eastern customer for several different vehicles, with a requirement for up to 400 worth R4 billion. So far over a hundred vehicles have been ordered and these will have been delivered by early this year.

As a clean sheet design, the 12 ton LM13 Multipurpose Combat Vehicle was made to fit into a C-130 and as a result features a compact, low profile. It is powered by a 400 hp diesel engine driving a six speed automatic gearbox. It features certified landmine, ballistic and IED protection. It is offered in armoured personnel carrier, armoured ambulance and command and control versions.

The LM13 can seat six passengers and can be armed with different turrets that are fitted with different weapons. The one-man 12.7 mm machinegun turret has eight 76 mm smoke grenade launchers, a day camera, laser range finder, ballistic computer and thermal imager for night operations. The other turrets feature a 20×139 mm cannon, 40 mm automatic grenade launcher or 12.7 mm machinegun. The turrets are produced by Comenius Consultants.

The Middle Eastern client has ordered 60 of the 4×4 LM13 vehicles with production taking place during the 2015/16 financial year. The value of the programme is R611 million and revenue of R95 million was recognised during the 2014/15 financial year, according to Denel’s 2015 annual report. LMT has begun deliveries of the LM13.

The LM8 Special Operations Vehicle is based on a Ford chassis and has gun ports in the windows with swivelling seats and mine and ballistic protection. It is powered by a V10 petrol engine and has fire extinguishers for the engine and wheels. It can carry up to nine people. LMT has shipped all 79 LM8s to the client. The value of this programme is R171 million and revenue of R72 million was recognised during the last financial year, according to Denel.
The LM8 armoured vehicle.

The Middle Eastern country has also ordered the LM18 protected vehicle, which is used as an asset transport or Prison Transport Vehicle (PTV). The lightly armoured vehicle features a secure compartment in the back with internal and internal security cameras to monitor threats. So far two have been sold and delivered to the client, which has requested a quote on further units. Deliveries began last year.

LMT is also developing the LM14 low cost armoured personnel carrier. The company funded LM14 is a completely new design that was developed in response to a need for a cost effective solution aimed at the African market as well as the United Nations and South African National Defence Force.

Development began in January 2015, with design and development being concluded in nine months. The first vehicle rolled out of the prototype shop on 16 September.

The LM14 carries eight troops in addition to a driver, commander and a gunner, with all ten having firing ports. Turrets can be mounted on top – at the moment the prototype is fitted with a manned 12.7 mm Browning machinegun mount on the roof. The vehicle features ballistic and mine protection.

In addition to armoured personnel carrier configuration, the LM14 is also offered in armoured ambulance and command and control configurations.
The LM14.

LMT specialises in ballistic, landmine and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) protection and the integration of these protection technologies into armoured vehicles, and has the ability to design and manufacture mine-protected vehicles with amongst others, flat or semi-flat floor mine protection. Vehicles with this technology are generally lower and more spacious than vehicles with a conventional V-hull design and have a smaller profile.

LMT designed and qualified the flat floor landmine protection for the South African Army’s new Badger infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs). Among LMT’s other products are the Gecko 8×8 tactical vehicle, used by the South African National Defence Force, armoured truck cabs, the AV55 light-protected vehicle and explosive ordnance disposal vehicles. LMT’s protected cabs are manufactured for Mercedes Benz in Germany and used by at least three NATO countries in areas such as Afghanistan. The company recently supplied more than 130 armoured cabs to Mercedes Benz.

Denel Group has a majority stake in LMT Holdings. The acquisition of LMT in 2012 expanded Denel’s range of vehicles and products, adding a capacity for mine-protected vehicles, hulls and cabs as well as product testing, simulations, maintenance and support of other products within the Denel Group.

Pictures: Top: LM13. Middle: LM8. Bottom: LM14.