KMW supplies Bundeswehr new nuclear/chemical recce vehicle


The German Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB) has commissioned Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) to supply a light, air-portable reconnaissance vehicle for nuclear and chemical threats.

KMW says in a statement it will produce a prototype by the end of this year. The compny says “there are plans for a total of 25” of the vehicles.

The armoured wheeled vehicle has a three-man crew (commander, driver, reconnaissance technician).

“From the spacious, open-plan and completely protected cabin they can use lightweight NC reconnaissance equipment to detect and identify threats from nuclear and chemical warfare agents or comparable industrial potential risks. The crew does not have to leave the vehicle to achieve this,” the statement expands.
“When the crew detects a threat from nuclear or chemical warfare agents they attach markers to the ground by means of another system, thus warning following troop formations of the danger in question.

“The crew can also use their systems to collect all the relevant meteorological data. For communication the Mungo NC Recce is linked to the army’s command, control and information system (FuInfoSys Heer),” the statement adds.

As a result of its compact external dimensions and low weight, the MUNGO NC Recce is air-portable in a CH-53 transport helicopter. “That makes it particularly suitable for deployment with air assault forces. In C130 and A400M military transport aircraft it is actually possible to transport up to three vehicles at once.”

With its all-wheel drive, its high top speed and its tight turning circle, the Mungo NC Recce will be extremely mobile, KMV avers.

“In combination with its enhanced level of protection, the vehicle thus offers ideal driving capabilities both on and off-road. The dimensions of the Mungo NC Recce also make it suitable for use on narrow tracks.”