“Kalahari Thorn” underway

About 180 British soldiers are deployed at the SA Army Combat Training Centre at Lohatlha in the Northern Cape for this year’s edition of Exercise African Thorn, this year called “Kalahari Thorn”. 
The troops, from the Household Cavalry, are from today until 7 March taking part in a Company Group (reinforced squadron) exercise.  
The manoeuvres take place under a bilateral agreement between SA and Britain reaffirmed in February 2007. This year`s edition, for which the UK is recompensing SA, follows on a similar exercise held 15 February to 8 March last year.
The exercise is being supported by the SANDF, with the British making payment against prescribed rates, determined by the amount of services drawn during the exercise.
Singapore has also previously made use of this facility and will do so again in 2011, in terms of current planning.