Jordanian armed forces buy 50 Mbombe armoured vehicles


Jordan’s military has signed an agreement with Paramount Group to buy 50 Mbombe armoured fighting vehicles, which will be manufactured in Jordan by newly established Arabian Defence Industries (ADI).

The establishment of ADI was announced on Monday at the Special Operations Forces Exhibition (SOFEX) in Amman, Jordan, earlier this week and is a joint venture between King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) Investment Group (KIG) and Paramount.

The Jordan Times said the deal was signed on Wednesday and that the two sides had announced they had agreed to set up facilities related to the project “soon”.

The Mbombe is a six-wheeled infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) featuring a flat-bottomed blast protected hull, giving a low silhouette of less than 2.4 metres. It has been designed for desert operations and can continuously operate at a temperature of 55 degrees C, according to Paramount.

It is designed to provide protection against landmines, IEDs, side blasts and RPG attacks, with mine protection to STANAG 4569 level 4a and 4b) without resorting to the traditional V-shape hull design. Maximum speed is 100 km/h and road range is 700 km. Power comes from a 336 kW turbodiesel.

It can be configured as an armoured personnel carrier (with eight troops, excluding crew) or armoured fighting vehicle mounting a heavy machine gun or automatic cannon/remote weapon station (up to 30 mm). Variants include armoured personnel carrier, command vehicle, 120 mm mortar version and anti-armour fire support vehicle with anti-armour missiles.

In addition to producing the Mbombe, Arabian Defence Industries will offer to the Middle East aerospace solutions such as the modernisation of Hawk trainers and the upgrade of Mi-17, Mi-24 and Super Puma helicopters. Production of armoured vehicles and other equipment will start in Jordan in the next 12 to 13 months, reports the Jordan Times. KIG programmes will include the Stallion II, the Dawsar 8×8 vehicle and a 105 mm self-propelled gun.