Ingwe for Azerbaijan?


The Azeri Press Agency reports via that Azerbaijan, a Central Asian state next to the Caspian Sea, is in talks with Denel Dynamics to acquire the Ingwe precision guided missile and install them on a turret on Soviet-era MT-LB amphibious tracked armoured personnel carriers.

Minister of Defence Industry Yaver Jamalov spoke to APA at IDEX in the United Arab Emirates last month. “We negotiated the production of laser warhead anti-tank missile with Denel Company [sic], South Africa’s largest defence equipment manufacturer. At IDEX we once more met with the representatives of Denel. For the implementation of that project in Azerbaijan, in a short period of time, we decided to solve the issues and start the work.
“We plan to install the missiles with laser warheads, which will be used against the targets at 5km, on the MT-LB vehicles. The representatives of Denel will come to Azerbaijan, we will conduct studies to see how many missiles can be installed on MT-LB. We will also completely restore the T-55. After they are modernised, various weapons will be installed on them. We are restoring these vehicles at the Baku Machine Building Plant. The plant will be opened soon. Our ministry, together with the company from the Republic of South Africa, has prepared a special tower. 14.5mm machine guns and 30mm cannons will be installed on these towers. The tower will be guided automatically.

The APA also noted the Paramount Group had showcased the 6×6 Mbombe combat vehicle the Azerbaijani delegation. Jamalov noted the country was producing the Paramount Matador and Marauder personnel carriers. “Their purpose is different – they are for carrying troops, weapons and munitions. Mbombe is a combat vehicle. We viewed that vehicle with the Defence Minister and commander of Border Troops. We gave our proposals. One of the vehicles will be brought to Azerbaijan this year. After they are tested here, we will start production. We are having normal cooperation with the Paramount Group. We have already completed the production of 30 vehicles. Now they are being armed. The weapons of local production are being installed on them.”