Imperial Armour launches new products


Personal protective equipment company Imperial Armour has added several new products to its ever-expanding range, from tactical hard knuckle soft-touch gloves to a new ultra-light anti-riot suit.

Louisa Garland-Els, the Managing Director of Imperial Armour, told defenceWeb during the recent Securex show in Midrand that the company was offering soft-touch gloves that allow the user to work a smartphone or touch screen; and a new modular anti-riot suit which can be attached to any style of vest.

The anti-riot suit allows different modules to be added onto the torso. It also can either be worn as a tactical load bearing vest and/or armour can be inserted to the protection level required as well as ballistic armour plates if necessary. Not only does it offer protection against blunt force it also protections against bullets and can be made to provide anti-stab protection.

Imperial Armour has just executed a contract for Botswana’s military, involving 800 outfits including helmets, vests, trousers and shirts.

The company recently supplied 1 000 helmets to Cameroon and will be bidding for a protective gear contract from the South Africa Police Service (SAPS) worth 2 600 units.