Imperial Armour launches new anti-stab vest


Imperial Armour has launched a new anti-stab vest at the IFSEC fire and security conference, adding to its extensive product range.

The stab and spike-resistant vest is comprised of crosslinked metal flakes capable of stopping knives, needles and spikes. The vest offers protection up to KRII and KRIII (knife resistance levels II and III). The vest can be cut to size and used in conjunction with ballistic armour to increase the protection level to NIJ Level IIIA and KRII.
“Imperial Armour has been given the exclusive rights to the anti-stab material being sold in Africa,” the company said. “The anti-stab panel is only 5 mm thick and can stop the force of a knife at 50 joules.”

Louisa Garland-Els, Managing Director of Imperial Armour, said the vest was aimed at dealing with street crime as well as at correctional services, where the greatest threat to warders comes from knives /spikes.”Correctional services don’t have a solution that works at present, where the solution is both anti-stab and anti-spike,” Garland-Els said. “There is no present system to prevent the self made spokes/spikes and lethal injections at the prisons.”

The stab-resistant vest adds to Imperial Armour’s ever-growing product range – it is the company’s second new product this year – an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) suit was launched at the IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi in February. Garland-Els said the suit is the most sophisticated in South Africa.

The United Arab Emirates orders a large amount of equipment from Imperial Armour and the company is opening offices in Dubai next month as a result of large demand from the region and its strategic central location. “We already have several strong relationships in the UAE and it makes sense to open offices in Dubai. The UAE is a focus point,” Garland-Els said, especially as there is turbulence in many of the countries in the region. “It’s an excellent place to be.”

At present, in the UAE, Imperial Armour is serving the Police and GHQ armed forces and is waiting on a very large order. By establishing offices in Dubai, the company will be able to target many more areas such as special operations, fire and rescue services as well as oil companies.

Although Imperial Armour has to “fight for orders,” the company is busy and expanding and is expecting some big contracts. Garland-Els said that her company is growing at around 20% a year and orders are flooding in for all products.

Garland-Els said IFSEC has been a good show this year. People were mostly buying fire and rescue suits as well as body armour. “Demining is also very much in demand, as well as riot control and maritime equipment,” she told defenceWeb.

Imperial Armour specialises in personal protection equipment, with ranges covering all fields where protection is required, including fire and rescue, riot control, VIP protection, de-mining etc. Since formation in 2000, the company has exported to over 75 countries.

Some of Imperial Armour’s South African customers include the Durban Metro Police, Fire Raiders, PMB Traffic Training College, Eskom, the SAPS, Anglo Gold Ashanti, Tongaat Hulett Sugar and ten municipalities.

International contracts include to the ministries of defence of Kuwait, Niger, Jordan, Lebanon, Ghana, Rwanda and Nigeria. Other sales have been made to the United Arab Emirates for demining and riot control equipment, to Tanzania for the mining industry, to Mozambique for demining and riot control, to Kenya for fire services, to Germany for riot helmets and to Saudi Arabia, for boots. Louisa-Garland Else said that 33% of the company’s orders came from repeat customers.

Imperial Armour recently attended LAAD in Brazil, where the company’s exhibition attracted interest from a number of Latin American countries. Two agents were established in Ecuador and Argentina. The company’s next exhibition will be DSEI in the UK in September.