IBM joins US Future Combat Systems project


In this IT in defence World Wide Wrap: IBM joins US Future Combat Systems project, Northrop Grumman to equip Nato NE-3A Aircraft, and EADS to supply Dutch integrated air defence system.

IBM joins US Future Combat Systems team

IBM was picked to join Boeing and SAIC in the systems-integration programme for the US Army`s Future Combat Systems (FCS) project.

Boeing said in a news release that IBM would be the provider for the Logistics Data Management Service (LDMS) portion of the FCS, which is the Army`s model for 21st Century fighting forces.

The goal of the programme is to organise and equip Army units in ways that make it fast moving, flexible and highly networked in terms of communications, precision targeting and situational-awareness.

Northrop Grumman to equip Nato NE-3A Aircraft

Northrop Grumman has been awarded a $104.6 million contract to outfit 17 Nato AWACS aircraft with the company`s Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) systems.

Northrop Grumman`s LAIRCM system is a laser-based countermeasures system that operates automatically by detecting a missile launch, determining if it is a threat and activating a high-intensity infrared countermeasure system to track and defeat the threat.

Centralised controller for unmanned air, ground systems tested

Lockheed Martin has conducted a successful series of tests of a new centralised controller device for unmanned air and ground vehicles. During these tests, Lockheed Martin demonstrated control of four different unmanned systems from one centralised control device.

The prototype centralised controller consisted of a touch screen laptop computer with a customised hand controller. The unit Lockheed Martin developed allows users to control multiple systems via a hand controller and a touch screen, depending on the needs and requirements of the specific system.

Meanwhile, the first Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II manned fighter-bomber successfully completed all ground taxi tests, among some of the last activities clearing the way for its inaugural flight.

EADS to supply Dutch integrated air defence system

The Dutch Ministry of Defence has awarded EADS the contract to supply technical systems for battle management command, control, communication, computers and information (BMC4I), as part of the Netherlands Future Ground Based Air Defence (FGBAD NL).

In the face of tough competition, EADS and its partners – Oerlikon Contraves and Kongsberg – won the contract with one of the world`s most modern mobile air reconnaissance and weapon co-ordination system solutions available.

The components of the system are two TRML-3D mobile surveillance radars from EADS, mobile command and control operation centres provided by EADS and Oerlikon, a digital radio communication network from Oerlikon and six Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air-Missile Systems II supplied by Kongsberg.