Hoefyster project moving forward

The South African Army’s next generation infantry combat vehicle (ICV) purchase, Project Hoefyster, is moving, with the SA Army having accepted the first two prototype vehicles.
Denel Land System project manager Reenen Teubes says the vehicles are on their way to SA from Finnish manufacturer Patria.
The SA Army is acquiring 264 modified Patria Advanced Modular Vehicles (AMV) under a R8.3 billion contract. The modified vehicles have been christened the Badger and will replace the Ratel with the mechanised infantry.
Five versions are contemplated:
·         Command
·         Mortar (turreted 60mm breech loading long-range mortar)
·         Missile (turreted Denel ZT3 Ingwe)
·         Section (turreted 30mm cannon)
·         Fire Support
Teubes says Phase 1 of the contract on track for completion by “this time next year.” That includes finalising all subcontracts and prototyping components.
He adds that in addition to the prototype hulls the first turrets have also been completed and the 30mm cannon and 60mm breech-loading mortar successfully fired under an R1billion development contract that forms part of the main umbrella deal.           
Denel was awarded the Hoefyster contract in May last year after a protracted tendering process. Deliveries are scheduled from 2012.