Hi-tech missile turret on show


A South African and UAE-developed missile turret has gone on show in the Middle East.A new missile turret bristling with advanced electronics has gone on show at the International Defence Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The unmanned armed long-range reconnaissance turret (ALRRT) was developed by South Africa defence companies Denel and IST Dynamics in collaboration with Abu Dhabi`s International Golden Group (IGG).

"The turret adds the rare ability to fire missiles on the move, thereby reducing vulnerability and exposure to enemy fire," says Denel Dynamics general manager Jan Wessels.

Missiles are normally fired from stationery positions, but the new turret adds mobility to the missile`s already long stand-off capability of 5km.

The turret can be used to launch Denel`s Ingwe long-range anti-armour missiles used by several military organisations in the Middle East and Africa, and is suitable for a wide number of military vehicles, according to Wessels.

The turret is controlled by an operator from inside the cabin of the vehicle, or if necessary, via a remote-control unit. The operator is assisted by a highly advanced weapon management system, including colour displays, supplied by IST Dynamics.

"The turret is fitted with a stabilised, day/night observation and sighting system that has impressive detection, recognition and identification abilities," says Wessels.

The system`s reconnaissance capability is augmented by various day and night cameras capable of different fields of view, allowing target recognition during the day at more than 6km and night-time recognition at 7.3km.

Wessels adds that the sight can be fitted with different thermal imagers based on specific client requirements. The sight is also equipped with Denel`s latest autotracker to minimise the risk of operator error during missile firings.