French interior ministry orders Rippel Effect less lethal grenade launchers


France’s Ministry of Interior has ordered multi-shot RLL40 less lethal 40 mm grenade launchers from Rippel Effect. The launchers will be used by French law enforcement agencies.

Rippel Effect announced the order during the Milipol exhibition in Paris that took place between 19 and 22 November. It said its official distributor in France, Rivolier Group, is now entering into a framework agreement with the French Ministry of Interior (MoI), which allows for orders to be placed through Rippel Effect as and when the need arises for the less lethal launchers. The five-year open framework agreement does not specify quantities or values.

Weighing 3.7 kg, the RLL cycles on semi-automatic by trigger pull only. This means it does not need a pump action or additional gas to cycle. The operator is able to select backwards and forwards between rounds without opening the launcher, enabling a “cocktail” of different grenades to be loaded for different scenarios.

According to Rippel Effect’s Dawid Fourie, the design of the less-lethal RLL40 and 37/38mm variants resulted from wide-ranging consultations with SWAT teams and less-lethal ammunition manufacturers around the world.

The French Interior Ministry requirement was for a less-lethal grenade launcher to equip internal security staff for law and order missions, for crowd control and to disperse aggressive individuals. Rippel Effect’s RLL40 was evaluated extensively in France and found to be completely suitable – and scalable – for the application of “effective minimum force” as required by the MoI, Rippel Effect said.

Rippel Effect and Rivolier have a longstanding relationship, which has yielded various successful projects, including a 2017 supply of 40 mm launchers to the tactical units of French National Police.