First export success for the COBRA Radar in Gulf region

The Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates has ordered three Counter Battery Radars (Cobra) radars from Euro-Art International, an EADS and Thales joint venture.
The news was announced at IDEX, now underway in the UAE.
Euro-Art says Cobra is a first-of-kind multifunctional counter battery radar featuring a fully active phased array antenna, enabling accurate multiple targets detection within very short reaction times.
Its modular architecture provides high reliability and system availability. During live fire trials – including desert testing in the UAE during the summer of 2005, Cobra achieved a performance in terms of location range as well as detection and location accuracy that exceeded specifications by far.
Cobra is currently in service with Britain, France and Germany. German systems are involved in the Defence against Mortar Attacks (DAMA) initiative that is part of the NATO Conference of National Armament Directors’ Programmes of Work for the Defence against Terrorism while French systems are in operation in Lebanon and Britain`s in Iraq.
South Africa currently has a requirement for a system of this nature. The SA Artillery last year tested the Saab Arthur system, in country for the Africa Aerospace and Defence show. SA currently has no system of this type on inventory.