Fact file: SA Army mandate

The SA Army was established just after midnight on the morning of April 27, 1994 as the senior Service of the new SA National Defence Force. Its seniority derives not as much from history but from the Defence Act, 42 of 2004, which in Section 12(1) lists the SA Army first, followed by the SA Air Force, SA Navy and the SA Military Health Service, thereby setting an order of precedence.     
For reasons of history and geography what is now the SA Army has always been the largest Service – and will remain that way.
What is the mandate of the SA Army?
The mandate of the SA Army is
·        to provide combat-ready land forces for – 
o       the pursuance of national defence and the prevention of war, failing which, to jointly and preferably multi-nationally, swiftly and decisively achieve national security goals; and
o       collaboratively promoting peace and stability internally and externally in concurrence with international obligations; and
·        to contribute to the development and upliftment of South Africa, its people, and the African continent.
The SA Army, a professional and dynamic force.
To prepare, provide and sustain land forces for employment by C SANDF.