Exercise Seboka 2013 underway at Lohathla


Exercise Seboka, the annual single largest force preparation effort by the South African military machine, is underway at the SA Army Combat Training Centre (CTC) in the Northern Cape.

Twelve units from the landward force are taking part in the exercise, scheduled to finish on November 22.

As with last year’s exercise the headquarters element is again provided by 46 SA Brigade. Other units taking part are 4 SA Infantry Battalion, 4 Artillery Regiment, 10 Anti-Air Defence Regiment, 1 SA Tank Regiment, 1 Special Service Battalion, 2 Field Engineer Regiment, 1 Tactical Intelligence Regiment, 1 Signal Regiment, 13 Military Provost Marshal, 16 Maintenance Unit and 10 Field Workshop.

This is one unit more than was allocated to last year’s exercise at the same venue.

Elements of the SA Air Force and SA Military Health Services are also taking part in Seboka 2013 but details were not available at the time of publication.

The exercise tests the state of combat readiness of the SANDF’s landward forces for conventional operations with the emphasis on command and control. To this end the exercise is usually set up as a friendly force vs opposition force encounter where certain points have to be taken, air- and bridgeheads established as well as retaining control of these in the face of attacks.

In addition to allowing officers to hone their planning, control and command skills, Seboka is also a live fire exercise with troops demonstrating various battlefield skills, from orientation through to movement onto and through designated targets.