Exercise Justified Accord underway in Kenya and Rwanda


Servicemen from the US military and 20 East African nations are taking part in Exercise Justified Accord 22 in Kenya and Rwanda.

Justified Accord is an annual, multinational, multi-domain military exercise focusing on African partner capability and interoperability in support of United Nations and Africa Union peace support operations, the US Army said. The exercise, which runs from 28 February to 19 March, seeks to improve multinational interoperability and to incorporate regional civilian, police and military entities into training.

With 800 participants from over 20 nations and NATO Allies, Justified Accord is focused on enhancing readiness for US and African partner nations.

“Exercise Justified Accord is a key piece of the broader US approach to partnering with our African partners and building our collective readiness,” said Brigadier General Ronald A Cupples, US Army Southern European Task Force, Africa deputy commanding general. “Conducting this exercise with our Allies and partners demonstrates our firm commitment to foster regional security capacity across Africa.”

During Justified Accord, training will focus on activities that support US joint forces, Kenya Defence Forces units, and additional partners with a multinational field training exercise. Participants will prepare for counter-terrorism crisis response and peace support operations with US crisis action planning, an African Union staff officer’s course, and a command post exercise.

A key component is the ability to incorporate multidimensional entities, such as civilian, police, and military, into training events that will build partner networks between joint forces, US interagency, international, and multinational organizations.

The US Army Southern European Task Force, Africa has lead responsibility of exercise Justified Accord in 2022.