EU seeks to train 1 200 Somali National Army officers in 2015


The European Union Training Mission in Somalia (EUTM Somalia) says it aims to train 1 200 Somali National Army (SNA) non-commissioned Officers (NCOs), junior Officers, specialists and military instructors in 2015 as part of internationally-backed capacity building programme for Somali security forces.

According to reports from media in the Belgian capital Brussels, the security and stabilisation mission trained 1 150 Somali National Army (SNA) soldiers in 2014 and intends to produce the same or higher number of graduate officers next year.

The mission, which was relocated from Uganda to the Somali capital Mogadishu in January this year, has so far completed 11 training courses and graduated nearly 4 000 SNA officers and specialists since it started in 2010.

The training is focused on commander up to battalion and company level, in addition to specialist training in the areas of military police, civilian-military cooperation, intelligence, company commander and combat engineering.

The EU’s Jazeera Training Camp in Mogadishu also provides lectures on international humanitarian law, human rights and the protection of civilians in active combat situations.