Elbit sells Soltam artillery system to Africa


Israeli company Elbit Systems has sold US$24 million worth of self propelled artillery to an unnamed African country.

The company announced early last month that an African country had ordered ATMOS self-propelled artillery, command stations, observation and target acquisition systems, and fire control and command-and-control systems. The order is for a complete package – Elbit Systems will manage the training and maintenance for a period of two years.

The truck-mounted artillery pieces are the standard 155 mm version, not the 122 mm Russian-calibre D-30S ATMOS variant.

The company would not disclose the identity of the country that placed the order.

The ATMOS self-propelled artillery system is manufactured by Soltam Systems Ltd, which was recently acquired by Elbit and marks the first order for the system since the company was acquired.
“This new contract highlights the high synergetic value within our various land activities, allowing us to provide our customers with complete unique solutions, from artillery platforms, to target acquisition systems, through to advanced command-and-control solutions that connect all of the systems,” said Bezalel Machlis, Elbit Systems’ executive vice president and general manager of its Land and C4I Division.
“Our integrative solution, combining Soltam’s artillery systems and our range of advanced electronic capabilities, provides a cutting-edge operational solution suitable for the growing trend of a transition to wheeled, mobile platforms for artillery.”

According to Soltam, the Autonomous Truck Mounted Self-Propelled Gun system is a modular unit available with different qualified in-service trucks and gun calibres. The basic NATO Standard 155 mm gun has a range of 41 km. The system comprises of any 6X6 or 8X8 serviceable truck with modified protected cabin and special supporting structure, APU driven hydraulic and electric systems, on board ammunition storage, ammunition handling and automatic loading systems.

The electronic suite is comprised of tactical computer, INS navigation system, muzzle velocity radar, digital communication link, day and night sight and target acquisition systems.