Egypt using new self-propelled guns


The Egyptian military has for the first time revealed the existence of 6×6 wheeled self-propelled artillery based on Ural-4320 trucks.

The Egyptian Ministry of Defence on 3 May released a video taken during the Magd 14 artillery exercise showing two different types of self-propelled artillery, namely a truck mounted 122 mm D-30 howitzer and truck mounted 130 mm M-46 howitzer.

The trucks are fitted with hydraulic stabilisers for stability while the howitzers are firing. The M-46 truck appears to have a locally produced armoured cab. They were apparently bought in Russia and upgraded in Egypt – Egypt’s Abu Zaabal Engineering Industries Company produced towed D-30 and M-46 guns in the past, according to IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly. The M-46 has a range of 27 kilometres, although this is increased to 37 kilometres with a rocket-assisted projectile. The D-30 has a range of 15 kilometres with a normal shell and 22 kilometres with a rocket-assisted projectile.

Also spotted during the exercise were Thales Squire ground-surveillance radars, which can detect people at a distance of 10 kilometres. These have not before been known to be in Egyptian service. A large number of heavy weapons were displayed during the exercise, including Humvees with missile launchers, M1A1 Abrams tanks, M109 tracked self-propelled howitzers, SP122 tracked self-propelled howitzers, towed M-46 howitzers, M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, BM-11 multiple rocket launchers and ATS-59G tracked artillery tractors. TOW and AT-3 Sagger missiles were also shown. All of these platforms fired multiple rounds at various targets on the range.

In the air, AH-64 Apache attack helicopters launched Hellfire missiles while SA 342L Gazelle helicopters launched HOT missiles.

The exercise was attended by Defense and Military Production Minister Colonel General Sedqi Sobhi, who assured the Egyptian people of the preparedness of the Armed Forces during the exercise on 3 May near the city of Suez. Sobhi was accompanied by Kenya’s Chief of Defense Forces General Samson Mwathethe. The military exercise was also attended by Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces Lt. General Mahmoud Hegazy and other top ranking military officials.