ECM Technologies concludes successful runflat trials with OTT Technologies at Gerotek


ECM Technologies have successfully completed two separate runflat trials with OTT Technologies at the Gerotek Test Facility in Pretoria. The trials were conducted using run flat inserts from RunFlat International, UK.

ECM Technologies are the exclusive distributors of RunFlat International products in South Africa.

The first trial was conducted on Monday 28 May and the target set by OTT was 30 km at 30km/h. The RunFlat systems were fitted to 2 x 10″x 20″ split rims with 14.00 R20 Continental tyres. These wheels, completely deflated, were fitted to the right front and the left rear of the OTT Technologies M36 Mk6C vehicle. The total mass of the vehicle was 16 000kg spread almost evenly over the 4 wheels (i.e. approximately 4 000 kg on each wheel).

The 30 km was completed without any sign of deterioration to either the runflat inserts or tyres and it was decided to keep driving. At the 60 km mark there was still no sign of any deterioration to either the runflat or tyre, ECM Technologies said. The vehicle speed was then increased to 50 km/h and was driven to a total of 65.3 km at which point the trial was terminated. On completion of the trial the right front tyre was displaying a radial crack in the side wall which had no adverse effect on mobility. The runflat inserts were still completely intact.

The second trial was conducted on Thursday 31 May and the target was set at 50 km at 50 km/h. The vehicle and setup was identical to that of the first trial, ECM Technologies said.

The 50 km was completed without incident and whilst the tyres showed some signs of deterioration the vehicle still had full mobility.

In both trials the driver of the test vehicle, the OTT Technologies M36 Mk6, reported no difficulties in the handling of the vehicle while in Run Flat mode.

Alex Chandler, technical manager for RunFlat International, UK was in attendance for both trials and he expressed his delight at the professional way in which the trials were conducted and said that, “although the results are completely in line with the specifications of the product, it is good that the local market now has confirmation from a recognised South African test authority that the product actually does what it says on the brochure.”