ECM Technologies appointed as military distributor for Pirelli tyres


ECM Technologies have been appointed as the military distributor for Pirelli Tyres in South Africa, putting ECM in the unique position of being able to supply both tyres and runflat systems, through partner RunFlat International.

For more than two decades, ECM Technologies have been supplying military customers in South Africa with runflat systems from RunFlat International in the UK so it was logical for ECM to distribute tyres as well.

“Both Pirelli and RunFlat International are premium products with a long pedigree of performance in the demanding arena of military vehicles and ECM are delighted to be able to offer this one-stop facility to the local defence market,” said Eric Milburn of ECM Technologies.

Initially, ECM Technologies will be supplying 1400R20 tyres, but the other sizes in the range are on the way. The 1400R20 is a multipurpose tyre designed for vehicles used in demanding offroad situations on various types of surface (asphalt, track, muddy or grassy terrain, sand). This tyre is a popular choice for military vehicles, especially as the tubeless version permits the use of special bead lock and runflat systems inside the tyre.

In South Africa, the 1400R20 is the tyre of choice for military vehicles such as the Rooikat armoured car, Samil truck, DCD Springbuck and OTT Puma armoured personnel carriers, amongst many others. The 1400R20 is designed for multiple surfaces – the pattern is ideal for loose surfaces, tracks, mud, grass and sand as well as asphalt.

The 1400R20 tyre is part of the Pirelli PS22 Pista range manufactured by Prometeon Tyre Group after it acquired the license to produce Pirelli’s truck and military tyres. The tyres are manufactured at the Prometeon Tyre Group Factory in Turkey.

Hansie Brits, Area Manager East & South Africa Region for Prometeon, told defenceWeb that since 2015 the Pirelli PS22 Pista range grew tremendously in the African market, and original equipment manufacturers like Iveco/Astra have started fitting PS22 tyres to 4×4 trucks for on/off road applications.

The PS22 Pista range comes in several sizes, namely 335/80R20; 365/80R20; 365/85R20; 395/85R20 and 1400R20. PS22 Pista tyres have been supplied to major European militaries and are compliant with strict military requirements. The 1400R20 tyres are the first to arrive in South Africa through ECM and are being followed by the other sizes.

In addition to being appointed as importer/distributor of PS22 Pista tyres in 2020, ECM have also entered into a partnership with a local high tech warehousing and logistics company offering state of the art warehousing facilities with same or next day delivery on both tyres and runflats.