East African country orders Springbuck armoured vehicles


DCD Protected Mobility has received an order for its Springbuck armoured personnel carriers (APCs) from an East African country, with deliveries to take place from the third quarter of this year.

DCD said that it could not disclose the exact size of the order or the customer country but that the order was of medium size. The company said the order continues to increase cooperation in the international market with its footprint well established in 14 countries including South Africa.
“We strive to provide innovative, affordable and sustainable products and solutions to meet…defence requirements,” said the General Manager of DCD Protected Mobility Cornelius Grundling. “With DCD Protected Mobility now operating from the Boksburg facility, one of its manufacturing and production facilities, we continue to bring technical expertise and experience”.

Paramount Group in April took control of DCD Protected Mobility’s manufacturing facility at Isando and certain industrial assets located there as well as some of the employees at the facility. As the majority of DCD Protected Mobility’s vehicles had been produced at its facilities in Boksburg (which are shared with the Rolling Stock division), production was moved there.

The Springbuck vehicle is roughly based on the dimensions of the original South African Mamba. It is 5.8 metres long and 2.3 metres wide. Carrying capacity is ten troops, plus a driver. Ballistic protection is B6 upgradeable to B7, able to stop bullets up to 7.62 mm calibre while a V-shaped hull provides protection against a single TM57 mine under the vehicle while the Springbuck has sufficient armour to defeat a double TM57 mine under any wheel. The vehicle has a top speed of 115 km/h and is powered by a MWM 6 litre engine. Range is approximately 600 km.

Among the customers for the Springbuck is Nigeria, with the Nigerian Police operating dozens of the type.