Desert Wolf delivers surveillance trailers for mine security


Desert Wolf Consulting has delivered a number of surveillance trailers to West Coast Resources (WDR) in the Northern Cape to monitor diamond mining areas.

The contract comprised two Red Roman Solar security trailers and two portable solar cameras, which were delivered in November and February. Announcing the delivery this week, Desert Wolf said the WCR Red Roman trailers were manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel to withstand the corrosive environment, which includes salty sea spray. They are equipped with 6 meter locking pneumatic masts, enabling the operator to clear obstacles or hide the surveillance system behind buildings.

Each trailer is completely self-powered for remote off-grid use. A typical Red Roman has one or two 310W solar panels, charging an 800Ah battery back. The payloads on the masts comprise commercial infrared PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, fixed bullet cameras and Wi-Fi radios for remote monitoring and control. Each trailer is additionally equipped with motion activated LED spotlights, enabling the trailer to be used in applications such a road blocks and stop and search operations.

Desert Wolf said the mobile solar cameras are transportable on the back of a pickup truck, with handles that improve and assist with manoeuvrability. Each solar camera system has solar panels in a protective case and includes a battery pack. The PTZ camera and Wi-Fi radio is mounted to a 3 metre fixed mast. The solar camera can be rapidly deployed in any area where it is required, such as the top of a roof or a remote off-grid security hotspot.

Desert Wolf said its relationship with West Coast Resource’s Namaqualand diamond mines goes back to 1997, when the first Desert Wolf solar surveillance trailers and thermal cameras were delivered to the Kleinsee mine.

Desert Wolf stainless steel trailers are in use with the South African Police service and have been bought by oil companies, municipalities, airports, research institutions, the South African National Defence Force, British Defence Force and United Nations amongst many others. Over 1 800 trailers have to date been delivered to more than 1 000 customers around the world.

The Red Roman surveillance trailer is typically equipped with a mast between 3 and 18 metres in height, with payload designed to meet customer requirements. Typical payloads include optical and thermal sensors, radars, communications equipment and spotlights. A key component of each trailer is the power bank, charged either by solar, generator or battery chargers prior to deployment.