Desert Wolf delivering trailers to Ethiopia


Local surveillance company Desert Wolf has shipped the first five of its Red Roman WiFi communication trailers to Ethiopia. A total of 25 systems will be deployed on behalf of an international organisation.

Hennie Kieser, Managing Director of Desert Wolf, told defenceWeb that the first five trailers were ordered on 3 July. Total project cost is around R7 million. They are being delivered in batches of five as five can be fitted into a single 40 foot shipping container.

Desert Wolf is equipping the Red Roman trailers with masts, batteries etc. while the communications equipment will be installed by the customer with a team of Desert Wolf going to Addis Ababa to support the customer.

Kieser said the first five trailers will arrive in Addis Ababa in two weeks’ time.

The Red Roman trailer accommodates electronic equipment in a vibration damped 19 inch rack mount, with cooling by either forced air flow with DC fans or an air conditioner. It comes with a solar power system and a 2 kW petrol generator with a battery backup. The surveillance mast tilts for easy sensor attachment. Desert Wolf said the system is ideal for small to medium surveillance systems and can accommodate a 1.8 metre satellite dish.

Desert Wolf stainless steel trailers are in use with the South African Police service and have been bought by oil companies, municipalities, airports, research institutions, the South African National Defence Force, British Defence Force and United Nations amongst many others. In addition to trailers, Desert Wolf offers trailer manufacturing and sales licenses.