Denel Vehicle Systems to have a strong presence at AAD


Denel Vehicle Systems (DVS) will have a significant presence at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) exhibition later this week, with new products on display.

One of the items that will be showcased is the Ibululu (Pufadder) concept demonstrator, which is an RG31 armoured vehicle fitted with a TRT 30 mm turret. Rudolph van Vuuren, systems engineer at DVS, told defenceWeb that the Ibululu provides fire support on a lightweight and mobile 4×4 platform, making it ideal for cost effective convoy protection.

Also on display at AAD will be an RG41 8×8 armoured fighting vehicle with an LCT30 as used on the Badger and Malaysian AV8 platforms. Mxolisi Makhatini, CEO at Denel Vehicle Systems, said this platform has potential in the export market, such as India, where it could be produced locally.

Other DVS products that will be on display include the Self Defence Remotely Operated Weapon (SDROW) turret, RG31 and RG32 armoured vehicles and RG12 Mk 6. The latter is the latest version of the Nyala security vehicle that was developed for a Middle Eastern customer with improved interior, communications and other equipment.