Denel to develop new artillery fuse for greater accuracy


Denel Dynamics is busy with a proof of concept project to improve the accuracy of standard 155 mm artillery rounds, the company has announced.

The project aims to develop a precision fuse, dubbed the AcuFuse, within the same footprint as a MIL-STD-333B Multi-option Fuse for Artillery (MOFA) short intrusion fuse.

This will allow artillery operators to select an accurate solution by simply replacing the standard fuse with the AcuFuse when high-precision firing is required. Due to its accuracy, aimed to be between 10 m and 20 m circular error probability at all ranges, AcuFuse will minimize collateral damage on the battlefield, Denel said. It will also decrease the logistics support required due to the fact that fewer ammunition rounds would be required.

AcuFuse utilises the guidance and control technologies of Denel Dynamics with the inertial sensor technologies of UTC Aerospace Systems, based in Plymouth in the UK.

Denel Dynamics and UTC Aerospace Systems have executed a number of successful risk-reduction firings that will be followed by guided firings with a weapon that could be fielded in 2016.

There is a worldwide requirement for this type of weapon, which will also enhance the Denel Group’s artillery capability. The same technology can also be applied to other artillery products such as 120 mm mortars and 105 mm artillery, Denel said.