Denel promoting T5-52 in Pakistan


Denel Land Systems is promoting its T5-52 self-propelled howitzer at the IDEAS 2016 defence show in Pakistan in response to Pakistan Army requirements.

Several months ago Zwelakhe Ntsehpe, the Acting CEO of the Denel Group, revealed that Denel was testing its T5-52 truck mounted G5 artillery piece in a foreign country (believed to be Pakistan) and that it performed very well. He said he hoped the weapon would penetrate the Asia-Pacific market. The presence of the T5-52 at IDEAS seems to confirm the tests were indeed conducted there.

The Denel Land Systems T5-52 wheeled self-propelled howitzer mounts the G5 artillery piece aboard a Tatra 8×8 T815-7 truck, which has a range of 600 km and speed of 85 km/h. The whole system weights 28 tons. A Denel Land Systems brochures says that the indirect fire flexibility of the system ensures that it can be employed in the traditional gun, howitzer and mortar roles.

The projectiles are the extended range type – using base bleed projectiles, the weapon has a range of 42.5 km at sea level while using velocity-enhanced long range ammunition, range can be extended to nearly 54 km. NATO and other ammunition can be fired, after consultation with the supplier. The gun can fire a five-round time-on-target mission to ranges between 13 and 30 km.

The system carries 27 on board projectiles and 26 on-board charges. A crew of four is needed to bring the gun into or out of action within 60 seconds.

Pakistan’s interest in the T5-52 comes after India in mid-2016 approved the roughly $750 million sale of 145 M-777 howitzers from BAE Systems in the United States. Although Pakistan has in the last decade bought 115 M109A5s from the United States, it is on the lookout for additional artillery – a Nora B-52 155 mm self-propelled howitzer was also seen at IDEAS this year.

South Africa, meanwhile, may be the first export customer for the T5-52. A defenceWeb source earlier this year said six Army G5s were delivered from South African Army stocks to the United Arab Emirates and as a result the SA Army would be getting new T5-52s as replacements.

The International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) kicked off on 22 November in Karachi and runs until 25 November. This year it has attracted 90 delegations from 43 countries, while 418 companies, including 157 from Pakistan, are exhibiting.

Other Denel Group companies are also exhibiting at IDEAS – Pakistan has previously expressed interest in the Denel Dynamics A-Darter air-to-air missile and Umkhonto surface-to-air missile.