Denel pledges support for SAPS on national police day


Michael Kgobe, the interim Group CEO of Denel, believes the annual commemoration of National Police Day on 27 January is an opportunity to highlight the partnerships that the state-owned defence and technology company has forged in support of crime prevention and law enforcement.

Denel is the primary producer of small calibre ammunition for handguns used by the SA Police Service (SAPS), the company said in a statement. “This ensures that law enforcement officers have ready access to locally manufactured products that enables them to play their primary role to protect South African communities. Local production ensures security of supply for the SAPS and sovereignty.”

Pretoria Metal Pressings – PMP – a division in the Denel Group is the country’s largest manufacturer of small to medium calibre ammunition. “We are able to provide the SAPS with a full range of products that meet and exceed its requirements for quality, reliability and performance,” Kgobe said.

He added that Denel’s turnaround efforts are enabling the Denel Integrated System Solutions (ISS) division to diversify the systems it can offer to the SAPS. Its services and integration capabilities cover a wide spectrum of law enforcement activities from detection to the identification and the ultimate conviction of criminals.

This includes integrated systems in the fields of command and control, the integration of information, surveillance, biometrics, secure communications, simulation, and training. Sniffer dogs trained by Denel are used to detect explosives, drugs and contraband.

“ISS stands ready to offer the SAPS with comprehensive and innovative solutions that addresses the pressing challenges currently faced. Leveraging our extensive experience in defence and cutting-edge technology solutions, ISS is well-equipped to provide state-of-the-art systems that integrates seamlessly with SAPS operations,” Denel stated.

“The solutions emphasise advanced technologies, such as real-time reporting and intelligence sharing, which are crucial for proactive law enforcement. With a commitment to affordability and sustainability, ISS envisions shared infrastructure and maintenance costs, easing the financial burden on the SAPS.

“Furthermore, our systems include robust security measures and confidentiality protocols, aligning with the sensitive nature of emergency response operations. ISS aims to collaborate closely with SAPS and other stakeholders, contributing our expertise to develop and implement system solutions that are efficient, secure, and tailored to meet the evolving needs of public safety in South Africa,” the company continued.

Denel added that its landward capability produces armoured protected vehicles and has a long-standing partnership with the SAPS. It is responsible for the manufacturing and offer in-service support of the RG12 Nyala armoured public order police vehicle.

“We place a very high value on our relationship with the SAPS and are proud of the contribution Denel’s people, products and services are making towards creating a safer environment in our country,” concluded Kgobe.