Denel offering Inkunzi Strike with SDROW turret


Denel Vehicle Systems’ Mechatronics division has integrated PMP’s Inkunzi Strike automatic weapon with its SDROW turret.

IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly reports that the Self Defence Remotely Operated Weapon station (SDROW), originally designed for 5.56 and 7.62 mm weapons, will get significantly more firepower with the Inkunzi Strike addition. PMP earlier this year told defenceWeb it was working with Denel Vehicle Systems on turret integration.

Denel will offer the SDROW Inkunzi Strike combination with a thermal night sight and laser rangefinder as well as a day camera and optional shot-detection system.

According to Denel Vehicle Systems, the SDROW system can be operated by a single crewmember and has been designed for easy installation on any number of vehicles. In a typical installation, the operator aims the turret and fires the weapon using a simple Human Machine Interface (HMI), consisting of a control interface with an integrated display similar to a game console. Real-time video received from the cameras on the weapon station is displayed to the operator overlaying information digitally. All weapon functions, such as cocking and firing, are done within the cabin of the vehicle.

The system weighs approximately 75 kg including 200 rounds of ammunition. Typical traverse is +/-135 degrees, and maximum optional 360 degrees. Elevation is -20 to 80 degrees.

Denel Mechatronics also offers the Tactical Remote Turret (TRT), which can mount 25 or 30 mm cannons or anti-tank guided missiles, Missile Stabilised Turret (MST), and Overhead Manned Turret (OMT), which can accommodate 7.62 and 12.7 mm machineguns or a 40 mm grenade launcher.

The belt fed Inkunzi Strike is an automatic version of the hand held 20 mm Inkunzi Personal Area Weapon (PAW), formerly called the Neopup. The new version should be ready for demonstration in September this year in time for the Africa Aerospace and Defence exhibition. It weights 13 kg and is 85 cm long. It can accept left or right hand ammunition feed and uses standard NSV-type links.

The Inkunzi PAW (meaning Bull) is a semi-automatic weapon that fires bursting ammunition and can be comfortably fired by a single rifleman as an area weapon to a range of up to 1 000 metres, although effective range is up to 400 metres. It holds up to five rounds in a conventional box magazine. The entire barrel/bolt group recoils within its housing to decrease recoil.

Some of the ammunition designed for the weapon includes high-explosive incendiary, semi-armour-piercing high-explosive incendiary, ball, and ball tracer.

Last year PMP began production of the Inkunzi PAW for its first international client. Another client, in the Middle East, recently ordered the weapon and PMP is currently delivering weapons and ammunition to this customer.