Denel lauds its artillery after long-range firings


Denel has praised the performance of its artillery systems after a demonstration at Alkantpan last week saw its G6 self-propelled howitzer fire out to a distance of 76 kilometres.

The tests were conducted at the Northern Cape test range and witnessed by local and international military representatives, government agencies and defence industry observers. Long-range guns manufactured by Denel Land Systems (DLS) used ammunition produced by Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM) to reach targets at distances of between 29 and 76 kilometres.

Danie du Toit, the Group CEO of Denel, said this is a new milestone in long range artillery capability. “The test results exceeded expectations, both in distances achieved and accuracy. It underscores Denel’s reputation in the design and manufacturing of world-class artillery and the manufacturing of ammunition which enables it to reach long-range targets with unrivalled precision,” Denel said.

The main artillery systems used during the testing were the G6-52 self-propelled howitzer and a German PzH 2000 mounted gun along with a G5 towed howitzer. The G5 fired 155 mm rounds out to 29 and 53.9 kilometres while the G6 fired out to 76.2 kilometres.

“The artillery produced by Denel Land Systems is still considered to be the yardstick against which all other long-range systems are measured,” said du Toit. “With the latest tests we have raised the bar even further and I have no doubt that defence forces and potential customers will take note of our achievements.”

The projectiles used for the tests were V-LAP ammunition designed and manufactured by Rheinmetall Denel Munition for high-firing pressures and muzzle velocities.

Du Toit said the achievement demonstrates the ability of various divisions within the Denel group to produce a world leading ballistic system which is able to compete in the global defence industry.