Denel Land Systems upgrades mortars


Denel Land Systems recently upgraded its 60 mm mortars, increasing range and accuracy.

According to Denel Land Systems, the company makes a range of mortars covering a wide firing range – the DM41 light patrol mortar has a range of 1 050 metres while the DM82 long range mortar has a range of up to 7 000 metres.

The new DM42 and DM43 60 mm mortars are improvements of the M4 Mk 2 and M4 Mk 3 – the M4 is in service with the South African National Defence Force. The DM41, DM42 and DM43 60 mm mortars are designed for short and medium ranges (1 050 metres, 1 970 metres and 4 000 metres respectively). Conversion kits are available to convert between DM42 and DM43, with the kit fitting the hand stabilised, optically aimed DM42 barrel to the conversion kit’s breech, base plate, bipod and sight for longer range and better accuracy.

The DM60 60 mm is designed for extended range (6 000 metres) and comes standard with a larger baseplate and bipod. For even longer range, Denel Land Systems offers the DM81 81 mm mortar with a range of 5 000 metres and the DM82 81 mm long range version with a 7 000 metre range.

Denel Land Systems said all mortars can be supplied with a suite of 60 or 81 mm ammunition manufactured by Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM), including high explosive, practice, screening smoke, visible light and infrared illuminating rounds.

Denel Land Systems can also supply a mortar fire control system comprising a target observation system, handheld ballistic and fire control computers, integrated GPS and integrated radio data communication link.