Denel Land Systems Small Arms production at full capacity


Denel Land Systems has received a large number of machinegun and mortar orders, and its small arms factory will be working double shifts for the next six months as a result.

The company’s CEO Stephan Burger told defenceWeb that most of these orders are from the Middle East and Far East and are often in small batches, but nevertheless an order for, say, 500 machineguns is still sizeable in its own right.

During the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) 2016 exhibition, Denel launched its DMG-5 and DMG-5 CX General Purpose Machine Guns to replace its SS-77. The DMG-5 weights 8.4 kg, 2 kg less than the SS-77, and is chambered in 7.62×51 mm but can be made available in 5.56 mm should the need arise. The weapon has a telescoping stock instead of a folding one.

The DMG-5 CX has a heavier and longer barrel for sustained fire and is designed to for mounted use, such as on a vehicle. It can be manually or remotely fired.

In addition to small arms production, Denel Land Systems is also busy with R4/R5 assault rifle repair and upgrade. For instance, it recently concluded the refurbishment of R5 rifles for the South African Police Service (SAPS).

Also at AAD 2016 Denel Land Systems launched the DM42 and DM43 60 mm mortars as upgrades of the original M4 Mk 2 and M4 Mk 3 – the M4 is in service with the South African National Defence Force. Due to various improvements, the effective range has almost been doubled.