Denel Land Systems delivers ambulances to SANDF


Denel is in the process of delivering twenty truck-mounted ambulances to the South African Medical Health Service (SAMHS).

Stephan Burger, the CEO of Denel Land Systems, said the ambulances form part of a R20-million contract for military ambulances, mounted on refurbished Samil 20 trucks. This follows a recent delivery of wide-body ambulances, based on the Casspir mine-protected vehicle, to the United Nations in Somalia.

The contract for the South African ambulances is managed by Land Mobility Technologies (LMT), a subsidiary of Denel. Denel acquired a majority stake in LMT Holdings in 2012.

After the vehicles went through normal fourth line repairs, LMT modified the rear bodies with state of the art equipment, such as mechanical and electric patient loading mechanisms to load patients, wash basins, air conditioning and heating systems etc. Improvements were made to the communications systems, seating, storage, interior lighting etc. according to Stefan Nell, CEO of LMT.

Nell added that the South African Military Health Service was closely involved from the start in the project and that the vehicle was tested at Gerotek’s test tracks and climate chambers.

Burger said that LMT was ‘bursting out of its seams’ with work. The acquisition of LMT in 2012 has significantly expanded Denel’s range of vehicles and products, which can meet the requirements of local and international land forces. It added a capacity for mine-protected vehicles, hulls and cabs as well as product testing, simulations, maintenance and support of other products within the Denel Group.

It also places Denel in a better position to supply armoured vehicles and trucks to the SA Army under its projects Vistula and Sapula. In terms of these contracts the SA Army will acquire new logistical and support trucks (Vistula) and armoured personnel carriers (Sapula).

Burger said that LMT is a strategic partner of Denel Land Systems in the design of protected vehicle systems. LMT designed and qualified the flat floor landmine protection for the Badger Infantry Fighting Vehicle, of which 238 locally designed and manufactured vehicles will be delivered to the SA Army over a ten year period.

Among LMT’s other products are the Gecko 8×8 tactical vehicle, used by the SANDF, armoured truck cabs, the AV55 and AV91 light-protected vehicles and explosive ordnance disposal vehicles. LMT’s protected cabs are manufactured for Mercedes Benz in Germany and used by at least three NATO countries in areas such as Afghanistan.