Denel Dynamics working on C-RAM missile


Denel Dynamics is currently investigating the possibility of developing a counter-rocket, artillery and mortar (C-RAM) missile, based on its Mongoose platform.

The Mongoose missile was originally co-developed with Saab as part of the LEDS 150 active protection system. At the moment Saab is seeking an international partner to complete development of LEDS 150.

Erick Huysamer, a programme manager in charge of air defence technologies at Denel Dynamics, said that his company is seeking to develop a C-RAM munition in response to evolving threats. For instance, such a system is needed to protect peacekeeper bases subject to attacks by mortars and other munitions. Huysamer said that these projectiles were often launched from civilian areas, meaning that without this new technology there would be too much collateral damage to retaliate with force.

Huysamer said the 20 kg C-RAM missile will be based on the Mongoose, and will use its seeker and autopilot but feature a new rocket motor.

In 2008 Denel Dynamics developed the Mongoose-1 for the LEDS 150 system. This evolved into the Mongoose-2, which in 2014 successfully intercepted an incoming round at 60 metres. The company is now working on a Mongoose-3 high agility airframe, which should be ready after 2016.

Several versions of the Mongoose-3 platform are planned including convoy protection, helicopter protection, close area protection, and C-RAM version. These would feature different launch and control systems and be either vertically or horizontally launched.