DCD Protected Mobility showcases its explosives and landmine detection capabilities at WDS 22


Armoured and mine-detection vehicle specialist DCD Protected Mobility is showcasing its route clearance products and capabilities at the World Defence Show (WDS) 2022 currently underway in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh.

In keeping with Saudi Vision 2030, specifically the Kingdom’s localisation drive for the military industry, Qudra International Co teamed with DCD and AirBoss Defence Group for a proven route clearance solution for the country.

“It’s based on the innovative Husky mine detection system, the leading route clearance vehicle in service with the US military and numerous international allies around the world, including several NATO nations,” said Abdulaziz Al-Ali, business development manager at Qudra International.

Over more than 30 years, the Husky has proven itself in high-threat military operations and humanitarian demining missions.

“With our core expertise in land systems, weapons, and defence structures, Qudra brought together AirBoss Defence Group (ADG) of the United States and DCD Protected Mobility, original equipment manufacturer of the Husky,” Adbulaziz Al-Ali explained. “This partnership now aims to provide the Kingdom with an unparalleled capability in route clearance for our armed forces and allies.”

The Husky is a versatile platform that can detect, mark, and interrogate landmines and IED threats. Able to accommodate a range of mission equipment, from ground penetrating radar (GPR) and high-sensitivity low metal content detectors to a roof-mounted remote weapon station for ambush protection, the Husky has unmatched capabilities to protect lives. Collectively it has been subjected to more than 7 000 land and IED detonations in different operational theatres with no fatal operator casualties.

In a detonation the cabin protects the crew from injury, whilst the vehicle’s frangible configuration allows the structural components to break apart in a predictable manner. This enables rapid in-field repairs, often completed within an hour, thus increasing system availability.

Although driving at the head of a route clearance convoy, which operates between 10 and 35 km/h, it can also lead logistic convoys, like ammunition, food, medical supplies, and spares at speeds up to 70 km/h.

“The Husky is absolutely the best in class when it comes to protection of the crew, system survivability, and relative ease of repairs in a short period of time to return it to service,” stated Adbulaziz Al-Ali.

The Husky was designed and developed by DCD Protected Mobility. Over the past 25 years, it has delivered over 1 600 vehicle systems to international clients around the world, including NATO. DCD has a long-standing partnership with AirBoss Defence Group, which offers tailored solutions to the world’s major militaries, especially industry-leading clearance and counter-IED solutions.

“We as Qudra International are confident that the combined years of experience and expertise in this partnership will not only bring proven route clearance technology to Saudi Arabia, but also enhance local production capability of this outstanding vehicle solution,” Adbulaziz Al-Ali concluded.