DCD Protected Mobility expanding Springbuck range


DCD Protected Mobility has expanded its Springbuck armoured personnel carrier range to meet different customer requirements, and now offers the vehicle in Standard, Heavy Duty and Extra Duty versions.

DCD Protected Mobility said the Springbuck ballistic and landmine protected vehicle was built with simplicity, comfort, protection and cost effectiveness in mind and was geared specifically towards the African market. It can be adapted to suit various applications including an ambulance, cash-in-transit, riot control or tactical patrol vehicle and with the addition of turret-mounted weaponry, DCD said the vehicle can also be effectively used in combat.

The Springbuck SD is the Standard version, the HD is the Heavy Duty and XD is the Xtra Duty, with performance, payload and protection increasing with each model. The 4×4 SD has B6 ballistic protection and can withstand a TM57 landmine directly under the hull, or two under any wheel. The SD is the lightest in the series and weights 9 000 kg and has a 1 500 kg payload. It is powered by a 6.4 litre MWM six cylinder turbochardged diesel delivering 194 hp.

The intermediate Springbuck HD is powered by a Cummins 6.7 litre six cylinder turbocharged diesel engine delivering 275 horsepower and giving a maximum speed of 110 km/h and range of 600 km. The 13 000 kg vehicle has a payload of 2 500 kg and B7 ballistic protection.

The Springbuck XD is the heaviest in the range and weighs 15 000 kg and has a payload of 3 500 kg. It carries two crew and eight personnel, who enter and egress via two side doors, a rear door and two roof hatches. With ballistic protection upgradeable to STANAG Level 3, the all-steel armoured V-shaped hull is certified against STANAG Level 4a under any wheel and 3b blast protection under the hull. A 6.7 litre Cummins turobdiesel delivers 360 hp and gives a top speed of 110 km/h and range of 600 km.

Optional equipment for the Springbuck XD range includes cabin and engine fire protection, an 18 000 lb electric winch, four wheel steering for navigating tight spaces, a public address system and smoke launchers. Two vehicles can be transported inside a C-130 Hercules aircraft or one vehicle in a six metre container.

DCD Protected Mobility also offers the Mountain Lion armoured personnel carrier, but the main focus is on the Springbuck and Husky route clearance vehicle. DCD two years ago unveiled the Testudo unmanned ground vehicle, aimed at demining work, and Oribi light tactical truck, but both of these have taken a back seat to the company’s other vehicles.

DCD has sold 1 500 vehicles to over a dozen countries, with the biggest customer being the United States Army. Nations that operate DCD vehicles include South Africa, France, Canada, Australia, Kenya, the United Kingdom, Uganda, Turkey, Spain, Iraq, South Sudan, Nigeria and Tanzania.

Among the customers for the Springbuck is Nigeria, with the Nigerian Police operating dozens of the type.