CSIR markets PUDU globally


The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has licenced its crook-proof Polyurethane Dispensing Unit (PUDU) technology to QD Group, a South African designer, manufacturer and distributor of cash protection systems.

The technology has been in use since 2002 by SBV Services, a cash risk management company in South Africa that has been rated by Lloyds of London as ‘the best risk managed cash-in-transit company in the world.’ In the eight years PUDU has been in use no cash has been taken by armed robbers.

SBV Services has previously said that “we trust the PUDU to provide the last line of defence against attacks. Since 2002 all cash carriers used in our operations have had the PUDU fitted. We follow a two-pronged approach: firstly, the armour on the vehicles ensures the safety of our personnel; secondly, the PUDU ensures that the cash is protected,” the CSIR says in its latest newsletter.

The technology is installed in the vault area of CIT vehicles, it is a sense-and-deploy device that dispenses quick-drying and solidifying polyurethane foam into the vault area of cash-in-transit vehicles when attacked.

In the newsletter Delon Mudaly, manager of intellectual property and technology transfer at the CSIR said this “technology will now be available to the entire market. Other security companies can access this benefit too.”

Mudaly says the technology has been taken up by companies in, among others, Spain, Nigeria, Brazil and Portugal
“The CSIR is a research and development organisation and we want our technologies to be taken up in industry and make the impact it was developed for. Getting a company like QD Group on board is essential to its success,” explains Mudaly. “The licencing agreement allows QD Group to manufacture the PUDU in South Africa as well as marketing and selling it both locally and internationally.”

The CSIR will provide QD Group with the training on how to manufacture the PUDU.
“The market potential for the PUDU technology looks encouraging. There are already negotiations in place with several international markets and we are positive that these will have a favourable outcome,” concludes Mudaly.