China donates vehicles, military equipment to Somalia


China has donated nearly $5 million worth of military hardware, including vehicles, to Somalia to assist the country in its fight against terrorism.

The vehicles and equipment were handed over on 18 March during a ceremony at the Port of Mogadishu.

The Chinese Ambassador to Somalia, Fei Shengchao, transferred five water bowsers, five fuel trucks, 20 offroad trucks, five high mobility field ambulances and 22 metal/mine detectors to Somalian defence minister Abdikadir Mohamed Nur Jama.

Shengchao said the vehicles and equipment will further enhance the mobility, medical and logistical support capabilities of the Somali National Army, save more lives, and contribute to fighting the drought and meeting the challenges facing Somalia.

Friday’s gesture, Jama said, demonstrates the “deep relationship,” between China and Somalia.

The Commander of Somalia’s military, General Odowa Yusuf Rage, said additional equipment will be delivered by China.

China’s handover of equipment to Somalia came as the new Special Envoy for Horn of Africa Affairs of China, Ambassador Xue Bing, also visited Somalia. He met with President Mohamed Farmaajo and Prime Minister Mohamed Roble.

“Bing introduced the Outlook on Peace and Development in the Horn of Africa to Somali leaders,” the Chinese Embassy said. “They exchanged views on the implementation of the outlook to support African nations addressing the triple challenges of security, development and governance the African way.”