Bushmaster family expands


Thales Australia’s Bushmaster family of vehicles has received another boost, with the Single Cab Utility downselected for that country’s LAND 121 Phase 3 programme.

LAND 121 Phase 3 will replace a fleet of over 2000 Australian Defence Force field vehicles and trailers with new vehicles procured across the program’s Medium Heavy Capability component. Thales Australia’s Bushmaster Single Cab Utility has been downselected for the next stage of the tender evaluation process in the mediumweight category.

Chris Jenkins, Thales Australia’s Managing Director, said the decision reflected the high level of industry capability, protected mobility vehicles expertise and customer knowledge available in Australia.
“The Bushmaster has been a very successful vehicle on operations, and we expect the Single Cab Utility to follow in this tradition. The successful development of the Single Cab Utility is a reflection on the extensive local expertise available to the ADF. We have worked closely with the customer for many years developing solutions that meet their unique operational requirements.
“This partnership has proven very successful, not only in terms of the creation of a sustainable local long-term relationship but also, most importantly, in protecting the lives of servicemen and women on operations.”

The Single Cab Utility is a cab chassis 4 x 4 protected logistics vehicle. It can carry a 5,000 kg load on its 9.4m2 tray, while providing crew with the protection, mobility and combat flexibility to fulfil their mission in the most hostile environments. The Single Cab Utility uses the same monocoque v-shaped hull as the combat-proven Bushmaster to provide protection against mine blast and IEDs. This technology is enhanced by upgradeable ballistic protection options for the crew cabin.