Bruiser 112 available for any mission


Bruisertech’s Bruiser 112 armoured vehicle will be available in a number of different variants to meet customer requirements, from armoured personnel carrier to ambulance including a logistics-type model that can be fitted with modular payloads at the back such as a water browser, mortar system, rocket launcher etc. depending on client requirements.

The baseline vehicle is configured as an armoured personnel carrier (APC), but Bruisertech is working on an ambulance version, which has been fitted with medical equipment such as oxygen tanks, medic kits, stretchers etc.  The ambulance layout caters for 4 patients lying down, 2 equipped medics, a driver and all medical equipment.

Bruiser explains that many African militaries, which are the core target market for the rugged Bruiser 112, do not have the luxury of having a whole fleet of specialised vehicles, so it makes economic sense to have one flexible type able to carry out a wide variety of tasks. Bruisertech is able to quickly adapt vehicles for specific roles, depending on what is needed.

The Bruiser 112 has been designed for the African market where a cost effective, reliable vehicle with only basic maintenance requirements is needed. It can carry a crew of two plus ten equipped personnel. Kerb weight is 8 500 kg, payload 4 500 kg and combat weight is 10-13 000 kg. The armoured hull provides blast protection against mines and IEDs.

The vehicle is powered by a six-cylinder turbodiesel MWM engine coupled to an automatic transmission, giving a top road speed of 115 km/h and range of 1 000 km. The pneumatic disc brakes can be adapted to ABS.

An initial ten vehicles are being built on stock for potential customers.