BAE Systems unveils new RG35 variant


BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa has developed a new variant of its RG35 mine protected multirole vehicle, the RG35 Motorised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) with seating for up to ten troops.

The vehicle, which will be on display at the Eurosatory show between 16 and 20 June, features seating for the driver and co-driver and between six and eight infantry in the back. According to BAE Systems, the RG35MIV has various weapons options, including a two-man turret or remotely operated weapon system featuring a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher and 7.62 mm machinegun.

Since the vehicle has been designed for motorised infantry, it features shooting ports, a tapered windscreen for good all-round observation and rapid egress points: an escape hatch above the driver, a rear door or ramp and a roof hatch, while a side door is optional.

Power is provided by a 450 hp engine, giving the vehicle a power to weight ratio of 33 hp/ton at its 13 700 kg base vehicle curb mass. Maximum payload for the 5.9 metre long vehicle is around 6 500 kg. The side mounted modular power pack can be replaced within two hours.

The vehicle features STANAG Level 4 mine protection and STANAG Level 1 ballistic protection but add-on armour can be fitted, upgrading ballistic protection to Level 4. The pneumatics, hydraulics, fuel and batteries are ballistically protected. In addition, the vehicle is IED resistant and can withstand a 50 kg charge at a distance of 1 metre. An overpressure system provides protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats.

In addition to the standard motorised infantry version, the RG35 MIV is also available in reconnaissance, ambulance and surveillance/communication system variants.

The RG35 was launched in 2009 and since then has evolved into the 4×4 RPU (Recce Patrol Utility), IFV (6×6 Infantry Fighting Vehicle) and now the 4×4 MIV. The 6×6 version was launched at the 2012 Africa Aerospace and Defence exhibition and features an 8.5 ton payload with seating for up to 14 crewmembers.